20+ New Orleans Candles You MUST Smell

We're taking you back to New Orleans with our New Orleans Candles! Each of these candles have fragrance profiles that are deeply rooted in New Orleans culture, cuisine, lifestyle and history.

Whether you know it as New Orleans, NOLA, Crescent City, or the Big Easy, if you're looking to bring a bit of New Orleans into your home, or want to experience the smells of the city wherever you are, these New Orleans candles are for you!

New Orleans is not just a city that I visited and fell in love with.

I am a New Orleanian.

It's the place that I was born (Charity - iykyk), raised and grew up to know and love.

My family is deeply rooted in New Orleans over multiple generations and being born and raised in New Orleans has given me a unique experience and foundation upon which to base my New Orleans fragrance profiles for each and every candle.


New Orleans Candles by Parish Scents

In addition to each of my New Orleans candles being carefully crafted to capture unique parts of the New Orleans experience, each of my scented candles is also hand-poured in the USA and made with a premium soy blend wax for a strong, lasting scent.

a New Orleans candle flame burning in the dark


The candles are designed to keep your flame steady and the fragrance throw strong so that you can enjoy the fragrance for hours.

A NOLA Kinda Morning



NOLA Kinda Morning is a bright, citrusy scent inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of a New Orleans morning. This New Orleans candle has the fresh scent of lemon, sugar on a gentle bed of wood with subtle undertones of bright green, honey and orange. All that's missing is the sizzle of bacon.

The scent could also be reminiscent of a backyard shandy and mimosas at brunch, but without any regret in the morning.

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Audubon Park in Fall



This New Orleans candle is perfect for when the autumn has officially arrived, and the air is crisp! The Audubon Park in Fall candle will bring the season's fragrances into your home. This candle will certainly help you get into the autumn spirit, thanks to its tantalizing apple and spice scents. If you want to set the tone for cool, but cozy evenings indoors, our Audubon Park candle is ideal for doing so.

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Autumn in NOLA


Autumn in NOLA - a New Orleans candle by Parish Scents


Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and this New Orleans candle perfectly captures all the smells of autumn in New Orleans. With notes of nutmeg, vetiver and sandalwood, it's the perfect way to enjoy the season year-round. If you can't make it to the Big Easy this autumn, bring a little bit of NOLA home with this candle instead!

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Beignets - a New Orleans candle by Parish Scents in a black vessel with a white label


There are a lot of places to get Beignets in New Orleans, but the most famous place of all is Café Du Monde in the French Quarter.

The sweet aroma of this Candle will make you feel like you are in the heart of New Orleans. It's a perfect dessert scented candle that'll make you feel like you're sitting at Cafe Du Monde with your favorite beignets and a hot glass of chicory coffee. Nothing will bring a little New Orleans flavor into your home like this incredibly delicious-smelling candle!

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Bourbon Chai Toddy

Bourbon Chai Toddy candle

Nothing livens up the party like a Bourbon Chai Toddy candle. It's just like a warm and comforting chai tea made with cardamom, nutmeg, rich vanilla, and a hint of peppermint, with a healthy dose of caramel/butterscotch infused bourbon. And while it may smell like the real thing - just don't drink it. This isn't a drink. It's a New Orleans candle.

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Bourbon St

a New Orleans candle called Bourbon Street in a black vessel with a white label

Speaking of Bourbon... Experience the sweet and seductive scent of New Orleans. Capture the fun and festive atmosphere of Bourbon Street with this delicious candle with an intoxicating fragrance that provides the perfect way to celebrate all things New Orleans. Light this candle and you just might be teleported to the Big Easy.

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Coffee House on Tchoupitoulas

Coffee House New Orleans Candle by Parish Scents in a glass jar candle vessel with a white and black label

Beignets are synonymous with New Orleans, and coffee is synonymous with Beignets. However, if you ordered chicory coffee with your beignet in New Orleans, you actually weren't drinking coffee at all. Chicory and Coffee are two distinctly different drinks, though they do have a similar fragrance profile.

Regardless of what you drank, this candle captures the coffee (or chicory) experience you remember in New Orleans. In fact - this is one of my personal favorites because of how perfect it smells.

View Coffee House on Tchoupitoulas

Crème Brulee

Creme Brulee in a black solid glass candle vessel by Parish Scents


France and New Orleans are deeply intertwined with each other throughout history and that is evident in many of the desserts and other cuisine that you can find in New Orleans. Crème Brulee is a sweet, rich dessert with a crunchy sugar crust and a custard-like filling. This is a classic French dessert scent that will have you craving more, and so will this New Orleans candle.

The creamy, vanilla notes of this fragrance are sweet and rich, just like the dessert itself.

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For The Black and Gold

New Orleans Saints candle For The Black and Gold by Parish Scents

It's game day in New Orleans and if you don't have our For The Black and Gold candle... are you even a Saints fan?

This New Orleans candle is deeply infused with leather, sandalwood and vanilla. Turn the game on, light the candle, and be transported onto the very blades of grass bending beneath cleated feet in the heart of New Orleans.


View For The Black and Gold

French Market

French Market New Orleans Candle in a jar candle vessel with black font

This New Orleans candle represents over 230+ years of cuisine, spices, coffee and general trade having taken place in the French Market. It was originally founded as a Native American trading post in 1791 and has been a trading market ever since. That officially makes this New Orleans market the oldest of its kind in the United States.

This candle was crafted with a beautiful blend of fruits, spices and floral scents on a gentle bed of sandalwood and musk.

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Jazz Club on St. Charles

Jazz Club on St. Charles New Orleans Candle by Parish Scents

Regardless of which bar, restaurant or club you darken the door of on, or near St Charles Ave in New Orleans, chances are you will hear jazz music. This candle oozes with the ambience of bourbon, leather seats, and tobacco in the air along with other scents reminiscent of a jazz club in New Orleans.

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NOLA candle by Parish Scents in a glass jar candle vessel with a white label and black text

The name speaks for itself, and so does the candle. If you're looking for the perfect New Orleans candle, then NOLA is probably what you were hoping to find. It's perfectly blended with the fragrance of aquatic flowers, citrus, sea moss, along with sugar, sandalwood and musk to capture the scents of a city sitting on the Gulf Coast alongside the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, surrounded by lakes and wetlands.


Midnight in The French Quarter

Midnight in The French Quarter Candle by Parish Scents in a solid black glass vessel with a wood wick

It's not New Orleans if there's not a bit of mystery thrown into the mix. That's what our popular Midnight in The French Quarter candle is - a bit of a mystery. Carefully blending together bourbon, calabrian bergomot, patchouli, tobacco and more, this candle is intoxicating and hypnotic, sure to capture the attention of everybody who finds themselves under its fragrant spell.

This Midnight in The French Quarter candle is the perfect way to capture the mystery and allure of New Orleans.

View Midnight in The French Quarter

Salt Water Taffy at Audubon Zoo

Salt Water Taffy at Audubon Zoo Candle by Parish Scents in a black glass candle vessel

Growing up in New Orleans, there was only one place that I would get Salt Water Taffy and that was at Audubon Zoo. The Roman Candy Company still operates to this day, and even if you are not in New Orleans - you can order their salt water taffy online and have it delivered to your door.

Nothing reminds me of my childhood more than walking up to a horse-drawn wagon and buying Salt Water Taffy at Audubon Zoo. If you have never experienced this magical candy, you should certainly look up the Roman Candy Company and make a point of getting some next time around.

View Salt Water Taffy at Audubon Zoo


Prytania St, Magazine St, Cardondelet and St Charles Ave candles as part of my New Orleans inspired Garden District Collection of candles.

For anybody who has ever been to the city of New Orleans, you know about the Garden District. It's a historical melting pot region of the city with a diverse mix of homes, mansions and gardens along the traditional Mardi Gras parade route. It's full of lovely boutiques, antique shops and more. The reason this area is called the Garden District is because originally each block only had two houses, and each one generally featured a large garden.

Each of the candles in this New Orleans candle collection captures a different part of the Garden District and the unique scent profiles that you can enjoy as you walk from street to street.

Magazine Street

Magazine Street New Orleans - a Candle by Parish Scents in a glass jar candle vessel with a floral label

Café's, boutiques, restaurants and other lovely places can be found along Magazine Street. With such a wide range of places, it's difficult to capture what Magazine Street smells like, but this candle pulls it off with a wide-ranging, but perfect blend of pineapple, basil, thyme, sea salt, cedar leaf, eucalyptus, tonka bean, oak moss and a few other fragrances tossed into the mix.

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Prytania Street New Orleans - a Candle by Parish Scents with floral black and white label in a jar candle vessel

One of the best ice cream shops in New Orleans is located on Prytania along with beautiful mansions and other great places to stop and see along the way. This candle is a combination of lemon, orange, lime, mint and basil on a gentle bed of sage, cedar leaf, earth and musk.

I think you'll find this New Orleans candle to be a delightful blend of fragrances that transport you right onto the very streets of the Garden District.

View Prytania

St. Charles Ave

St. Charles Ave is quite possibly one of the most recognizable street names in New Orleans. And for good reason. It's one of 5 streetcar routes in the city of New Orleans and you can see much of St Charles Ave when you take the St. Charles streetcar. In fact, the St. Charles Ave Streetcar will take you all the way to the French Quarter.

This St. Charles Ave candle is part of our Garden District Collection by Parish Scents.

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Carondelet A NOLA Garden District candle by Parish Scents with a black and white floral label

Carondelet actually turns into Bourbon Street when it crosses over Canal Street.

Bourbon Street is generally the more recognizable street name in New Orleans, but despite the lack of name recognition, Carondelet has a lot to offer as well - should you choose to venture down that way.

Some of the most striking, historic buildings in the city can be found on Carondelet Street.

This New Orleans candle is a lovely combination of bright stemmy greens, orange, violet, jasmine, rose, and lily on an earthy bed of sandalwood, musk and vetiver.

View Carondelet

New Orleans Fragrance Options

Our New Orleans candles come in 20+ different scent combinations, each with a unique personality that capture the very essence of New Orleans, LA.

Whether you prefer our Bourbon Street Candle, which is sure to create a lively ambiance in any room with notes of bourbon, vanilla and musk, or the Coffee House candle which perfectly captures the experience of sitting on a New Orleans sidewalk sipping on Chicory and eating a beignet (Café du Monde?), we have a New Orleans candle for everybody and every memory you have of the Big Easy.

And of course, we have our popular Midnight in The French Quarter candle, which is sure to create a romantic atmosphere with a fragrance that's designed to please the senses.

So, whether you're looking for a fun and lively atmosphere, a romantic one, or something in between, our New Orleans Candles are sure to create the perfect ambiance you are looking for!

New Orleans Candle Materials

Each of our candles are crafted using materials made in the USA whenever possible. Whether you prefer a traditional jar candle, or a premium glass vessel - I offer both for most of the candles I make.

Each of the candles is crafted with a custom, premium soy blend that I have tested in hundreds of candles to ensure the candles I make are the best performing candles you'll ever own. Nearly every candle I've created achieves a full wax pool melt within 30 minutes of being lit, which helps to disperse the fragrance throughout the room more efficiently.

The wicks are generally wood wicks, though, some of the smaller 8 oz jar candles may use cotton wicks to achiever a better hot throw than what wood wicks can generally provide in a smaller candle.

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