Bourbon New Orleans Candle

Bourbon Candle | Bourbon St. New Orleans

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Indulge in the rich, creamy vanilla essence of New Orleans with our "Bourbon St." Bourbon Scented Candle. Inspired by the lively spirit of Bourbon Street, this candle brings the heart of the Big Easy right into your home. Enjoy a blend that captures the perfect balance of aged bourbon and sweet vanilla, creating a scent that's as memorable as the city itself.


  • Warm and Inviting
  • Top Notes: Delicate cream, butterscotch
  • Mid Notes: Aged bourbon, classic whiskey
  • Bottom Notes: Luxurious vanilla


  • 8 oz: 35+ hours
  • 12 oz: 75+ hours


  • Vessel: Premium Glass (US)
  • Wax: Premium Soy Blend (US)
  • Wick: Natural Wood (US)

Our Vanilla Bourbon Candle is more than just a scent; it's an experience. Each candle is meticulously handcrafted with a focus on quality and authenticity. From the hand-mixed blend of creamy vanilla and aged bourbon notes to the careful hand-pouring process, every step ensures that you receive a unique piece of New Orleans charm.

Thank you for choosing our handcrafted Vanilla Bourbon Candle and supporting our New Orleans-based business. Light up "Bourbon St." and let the enchanting blend of creamy vanilla and rich bourbon transform your space.

This candle is part of our French Quarter Candle Collection.


My name is Gienine, and I am the owner of Parish Scents Co., a New Orleans candle company. I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and my family has deep roots in the city dating back 150+ years.

I have always enjoyed candles and have probably purchased hundreds of them over the years. As I've gone through various stages of preferences, I have gradually gravitated towards wanting to burn candles that have meaning - candles that remind me of the people, places, and things that I care about. I wanted a candle that - when it burns - brings my fondest memories to the forefront. Candles that make me smile.

That's when Parish Scents was created, and I have spent hundreds of days carefully testing and crafting my line of New Orleans scented candles to recreate the scents of New Orleans - the place where I was born, raised, and am deeply connected with in every possible way.

For all those who have created fond memories in this distinctly unique city, for those who call it home, or for anybody who simply enjoys the spirit of New Orleans, these candles were designed specifically for you and me.