All About New Orleans Candles

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Candle Wax Types and Their Characteristics

    This article is an exploration of the different types of candle wax, including paraffin, soy, beeswax, and coconut, highlighting their characteristics and considerations for use in candle making.

  • 20+ New Orleans Candles You MUST Smell

    We're taking you back to New Orleans with our New Orleans Candles! Each of these candles have fragrance profiles that are deeply rooted in New Orleans culture, cuisine, lifestyle and history.

  • High Performance Candle Care Tips Everyone Needs to Know

    Taking care of a candle is easy to do, but there are a lot of contradictory and inadequate candle care tips out there about how to properly care f...
  • A New Orleans Candle Company

    Hopefully by sharing these carefully crafted New Orleans scented candles with you, you will also find yourself transported back to a world of which you too, call home.